Killed for Eyeing Boy

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Killed for Eyeing Boy
Parents of a Pakistani girl throw acid at her after she talks to a boy.

A fifteen year old girl in Pakistan was brutally murdered, by her own parents, for speaking to an unknown boy outside their home.
According to police, the father admitted to beating the girl, and then pouring acid over her with his wife's assistance, in the name of family honor.
The oldest daughter became suspicious when at her sister's funeral service her parents would not allow anyone to see the face of the young girl -- which is normal tradition in this region.
She contacted the authorities who then discovered through an autopsy that the child died from burns to over 35% of her body.
It has been reported the parents allowed their daughter to suffer through the night, only taking her to the hospital the following day, where she succumbed to a painful death the day after that.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan states that in 2011, "at least 943 women were killed in the name of honour, of which 93 were minors." Honor killings throughout the world are typically committed by men against women when it is "believed" the woman has brought dishonor to their families or community.
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