Racehorses Being Sold as Meat

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Racehorses Being Sold as Meat
Ontario racehorses are being slaughtered and sold for meat.

Retired racehorses in Ontario are being sold to slaughterhouses for their meat.

The female horses would have been used for breeding the following generation of racehorses, but since the government has banned slot machines in Ontario racetracks, the entire industry of horse racing will be effected.

Race tracks are being forced to shut down because the slot machines were such an integral part of their revenue and brought in around 3 hundred fifty million a year in profits.

The closing of the tracks forces horse owners to cut their losses and Mark Biederman, an Ontario area veterinarian estimates that hundreds of racehorses have been sold for meat because of the slot machine ban.

Racehorses can cost up to 2 thousand dollars a month to take care of, and in 2008, the market for racehorse meat in Quebec was so flooded that some owners sold horses to slaughter for just over a hundred dollars.

Canadian horsemeat is mostly sent to places like France and Japan where the meat is a delicacy, or it is used as an ingredient in pet food.
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