Wood-Mizer EG200 Twin Blade Board Edger

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Wood-Mizer EG200 Twin Blade Board Edger
The Wood-Mizer EG200 twin-blade board edger (https://woodmizer.com/Store/Shop/Portable-Edgers/EG200-Twin-Blade-Edger) will give your operation the flexibility and speed you've always wanted. In one pass, the EG200 twin blade edger takes boards fresh off the mill and turns them into clean, square-edged lumber.

This edger is easy to use, with one fixed blade and one moveable blade that adjusts with a manual dial. Easily select the size of lumber you need between 3 and 15 inches wide. A variety of engine options deliver the power needed to give any operation a major boost in productivity.

Add a trailer package for easy transporting.

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