Women's Fashion - Fun Office Attire Ideas

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Women's Fashion - Fun Office Attire Ideas
Women's Fashion - Fun Office Attire Ideas- as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats.

Whether you work in an office that is OK with "office casual," or requires you to wear more professional attire, the keyword that you always want to bear in mind is classy. This means that you always want to always be polished and put together, no matter where you work. Now, this means that your clothes should fit properly and not be too revealing. This means no cleavage and no short skirts, but professional and classy does not have to mean boring. You can still be appropriate and have great style.

Here is an example of an outfit that can be worn in a more traditional workplace. Here we have a nicely tailored black suit paired with a pretty fun blouse. It is got necktie, you can tie it in a bow if you had like, but it is got some color, some pattern. Then, at the bottom, you can pair it with a pump. It is a pretty classic pump, but it is got also some color and some pattern. Yes, you can mix patterns. They are far enough apart, you are not really going to far with it.

Then you can bring in accessories. Here is a little fun bracelet. Again, it brings the colors up and it creates another element of surprise. One thing you want remember, though, is you really should keep your jewelry somewhat subdued, especially if you have something going on around the neck. So, here are some really simple, classy, pretty black earrings that can go well with the entire outfit. So, here is an example of a look that would work in an office that accepts office casual. Again, you want to be very polished and put together. So, here we have just a little semi-sheer cardigan with a tank underneath that has some sequins. When the light catches it through the sweater, it adds a little bit of extra sparkle, gives it some interest.

An A-line or a pencil skirt is absolutely suitable. You want to make sure that the length is hitting you at the knee or just above the knee. If you want to put a little belt on in addition, it brings another style element into it, but bear in mind, that depending on your figure, you may want to play with where you place it. A little higher for a smaller busted gal, and a little bit lower for a larger busted gal. Now, you can pair this with a pretty boot or a basic pump in brown, say. Some simple coordinating earrings look great with this outfit. Silver or gold will also work. Maybe your workplace is a little bit more informal, but you have to go out and meet some clients. Throw a jacket on over it, then you had have this more polished look. This is completely suitable for meeting with clients. If you are unsure about what to wear to work, two good tips are to follow the lead of a superior. If there is a woman that is above you in the office, make sure that you dress as close to the way that she dresses as possible. That way she understands that you are paying attention, and that always looks good.
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