Skull Drum - Hidden Finds at Pawn Shops

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Skull Drum - Hidden Finds at Pawn Shops
Hidden Finds at Pawn Shops - Skull Drum - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

This is an item a guy brought in just a couple of days ago and I just bought it. I am sure everybody has seen the little toys you go back and forth. The only thing different, this is from Tibet which, makes it unusual. And if you can see here, these are the sutures on a skull.

These are two skull caps put together to make a Tibetan skull drum. The value on this, they were asking $700 dollars. I cannot see this a $700 dollar value but, I bought it because it was very interesting. I did not do any research on this. This may not be a toy, this may be a meditation tool for Tibetans to just sit and meditate and pray.
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